A large contributor to brand success is your community involvement. Potential and existing customers want to see your business actively making a difference in the local community, and Meredith Gulf Coast can help you do just that through our initiatives.


What is Cause Marketing?

Many companies use their considerable insights and assets to make a difference in the community they serve, naturally leading to positive brand awareness. Cause marketing allows you to make a difference in the community by doing good for those who need it while branding your business as one that cares about the members of the Gulf Coast community.

There is a multitude of options to effectively engage in cause marketing and Meredith Gulf Coast is proud to offer opportunities to join our established initiatives. We are known for Surprise Squad, 10 Caring Gifts, Operation Backpack, and other local cause marketing efforts throughout the Gulf Coast. While we would love to position your brand alongside our initiatives, we can also help you develop a unique campaign of your own.


How Cause Marketing Can Make a Difference in Your Business

Creating personal, one-on-one relationships in the community can help businesses build a loyal customer base. One of the most effective ways to leave a positive brand impression on consumers is to engage in cause marketing. People do business with companies they like and trust, and we can help you build those relationships through our cause marketing initiatives.


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